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Preacher S02 E05 Dallas

August 3, 2017

Join Andra, James and Tam for the Preacher recap.

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In flashbacks, it is shown what happened to Jesse and Tulip after Carlos betrayed them and Tulip lost their unborn child in Dallas. They try to lead a normal life with legal jobs, but fail to get pregnant again. After a while, Tulip secretly resumes her work as a contract criminal. When Jesse finds out that she is back in crime, also learning that she has been taking contraceptive pills all the time, he decides to return to his father's church in order to become a preacher himself, which leads to their breakup. After that Tulip meets Viktor and marries him for his money and power. However, when Dany calls her and tells her that she found Carlos, she leaves Viktor immediately. In the present, Jesse ponders to kill Viktor, while Tulip takes her stepdaughter to Denis's house. However, Cassidy can persuade his friend not to do it, claiming Tulip has never stopped loving him. Instead, Jesse makes Viktor sign the divorce papers. In the evening, the Saint of Killers appears at Viktor's house looking for Jesse and kills Viktor. At gunpoint, his scared daughter, who has been hiding in a closet, tells the murderer that she knows where Jesse is.