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Preacher S02 E04 Viktor

July 20, 2017

Joine Andra, James and Tam for the Preacher recap.

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Unaware that Tulip is in danger, Jesse goes to Denis' house and talks to Cassidy about his search. Cassidy notices a man on an infomercial that he recognizes as the actor who played the imposter God who spoke to Jesse's church. They learn that the actor is Mark Harelik (playing a fictionalized version of himself), and go to his talent manager who provides them with a demo reel given to him by the people who hired Harelik to play imposter God. In the tape, Harelik is executed in order to get to Heaven, and Jesse ponders why New Orleans has so many coincidences surrounding his search for God. Cassidy reveals to Jesse that Tulip went to Viktor and may be in danger. Tulip is met with an extremely frosty reception from everyone at Viktor's home, before Jesse arrives to find her. After confronting Viktor, Tulip reveals to Jesse that Viktor is her husband. Meanwhile in Hell, the cells keep breaking down, and in down times, Eugene bonds with Hitler and learns that his worst memory is 1918 Munich, when he met an art gallery owner. The superintendent of the ward meets with Eugene to tell him to act evil because he is in Hell and that they will be watching him. Upon returning, Hitler is beaten by a fellow inmate, Tyler, with other inmates joining in. Eugene sees the camera and begins to kick Hitler.