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Preacher S02 E03 Damsels

July 19, 2017

Join Tam, Andra and James for the recap.


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Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy get a tip that God might be in New Orleans. Tulip's hiding a secret and their stop in New Orleans risks exposing her. Arriving in New Orleans, the trio separate into two groups. Jesse searches several bars in the city asking where he can find God, to hardly any responses. Eventually, he finds a singer in a jazz bar that is later kidnapped by a mysterious group and saved by Jesse. She reveals that someone previously had told her God was missing, and that the man later turned up dead. The woman is later revealed to be an operative for the mysterious group, who confirms Genesis' existence to their boss. In the meantime, Tulip and Cassidy go to a house owned by Denis, a friend of Cassidy's. Tulip gets increasingly nervous, and hides from a black limo driving around. She tells Cassidy that she is hiding from a man named Viktor, whom she previously betrayed. Hoping to end the problem, Tulip allows herself to be found and caught by Viktor's men. Meanwhile in Hell, Eugene is made to relive the memory of the day he became "Arseface" repeatedly, with the memory showing that he was not at fault. A fault in Hell eventually pulls him out of the memory and shows him to be in a prison-type location. He learns that his cell's door is unlocked and walks out into a long corridor filled with cells. Calling out for help, Eugene is shocked and terrified to see Adolf Hitler walk out of the cell next to him.