UA-93359205-1 Game of Thrones S7 E3 “The Queen’s Justice”

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Game of Thrones S7 E3 “The Queen’s Justice”

August 1, 2017

Join James and Tam for The Game of Thrones recap.

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Jon arrives at Dragonstone where Daenerys demands that he bend the knee. Jon and Davos ask for help against the Army of the Dead; after advice from Tyrion, Daenerys grants them access to the Dragonglass on the island. Bran arrives at Winterfell and explains some of his powers to Sansa. In King's Landing, Euron returns with Ellaria and Tyene Sand as a gift for Cersei, who promises to marry him after the war. She then gives him co-control of her military along with Jaime. Cersei gives Tyene the same poison Ellaria used to kill Myrcella, forcing Ellaria to watch her daughter slowly die. In Oldtown, Sam cures Jorah's greyscale, who then leaves to find Daenerys. Grey Worm and the Unsullied attack Casterly Rock. However, it is revealed that Jaime took most of the Lannister forces to attack Highgarden, while Euron's fleet arrive destroying the Unsullied's ships. In Highgarden, Jaime and the rest of the Lannister forces easily invade. Inside, Jaime gives Olenna poison as a quick and painless death. After drinking, she confesses to Joffrey's poisoning and tells him to tell Cersei.