UA-93359205-1 Game of Thrones S7 E2 “Stormborn”

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Game of Thrones S7 E2 “Stormborn”

August 1, 2017

Join James and Tam for the Game of Thrones recap.

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Daenerys sends the Dornishmen on Yara's fleet to Sunspear, the Unsullied to Casterly Rock and decides to not move on to King's Landing yet, intending to install a complete siege instead. She demands that Varys criticize her future mistakes instead of betraying her, which he did to previous monarchs. Melisandre arrives and tells her about the prophecy involving Daenerys and Jon. Grey Worm and Missandei consummate their relationship. Cersei gathers several lords, asking for their fealties and promising Randyll the title of Warden of the South. Qyburn shows Cersei an invented ballista for killing dragons. Arya meets with Hot Pie, who tells her of Jon's ascension to King in the North; she then decides to return to Winterfell. After receiving Samwell's letter, Jon leaves for Dragonstone in hopes of getting Daenerys's support against the White Walkers, leaving Sansa in charge and warning Littlefinger not to get close to her. Samwell begins a forbidden treatment for Jorah. Euron's fleet attacks Yara's. Obara and Nymeria are killed, while EllariaTyene and Yara are captured. Theon flees the carnage in horror by jumping into the sea.