UA-93359205-1 American Gods Finale S01 E08 “Come to Jesus”

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American Gods Finale S01 E08 “Come to Jesus”

June 27, 2017

The gangs all here. Join Tam, Andra and James on this season finale recap of American Gods.

Mr. Nancy tells Shadow and Wednesday the story of Bilquis, a powerful but fallen Old Goddess, which convinces Wednesday to seek out a queen. He and Shadow visit Easter, an Old Goddess of spring and resurrection who has successfully adapted to the new era by capitalizing on the Christian celebration of Christ's resurrection. Laura and Mad Sweeney track Shadow to Easter's estate. Easter discovers that Laura can't be resurrected because she was killed by a god, forcing Sweeney to admit that Wednesday arranged both Laura's death and Shadow's imprisonment in order to isolate Shadow for his own purposes. Media, Technical Boy, and Mr. World arrive to threaten Wednesday. Wednesday destroys their men with a lightning bolt and proclaims himself to be Odin, and convinces Easter to unleash her own powers and take back the spring, casting a drought over America. At last, Shadow admits belief in the gods, just before Laura arrives to talk with him. 

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