UA-93359205-1 American Gods S01 E07 “A Prayer for Mad Sweeney”

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American Gods S01 E07 “A Prayer for Mad Sweeney”

June 25, 2017

Joine James and Tam for the recap.

Ibis tells the story of Essie, an Irish girl sentenced to transportation who used to leave offerings to the leprechauns in exchange for good luck. On the ship to America, she seduces the ship captain and persuades him to take her to London. There she becomes a thief; but she is caught after forgetting an offering. Pregnant and transported to America again, she marries her master who, upon his death, leaves her in charge of his farm. She resumes making offerings to the leprechauns. Mad Sweeney visits Essie on her deathbed, thanking her, as her belief enabled him to start a new life in America. As Sweeney and Laura are driving, he tells her that he is taking part in Wednesday's war to atone for deserting as a soldier. The truck overturns and Sweeney's lucky coin falls out of Laura. He restores it to her instead of claiming it, revealing that he had something to do with her fatal car crash.

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