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American Gods S01 E03 “Head Full of Snow”

May 17, 2017

James, Andra and Tam are ready to give you this recap!

Somewhere in America, a Muslim woman is visited by a man named Mr. Jacquel, who tells her she has died and must come with him. Arriving at a desert, he pulls out her heart and weighs it on a scale against a feather in order to know if she was a good or bad person. She is declared a good person and enters one of several doors standing alone in the desert. Back in Chicago, Shadow dreams of one of the Zorya sisters; in exchange for a kiss, she pulls the Moon from the sky and gives it to him as a silver dollar. Waking up, Shadow convinces Czernobog to play again with the same terms. Shadow wins although Czernobog states that once they go to Wisconsin, he'll hit him with the hammer. In New York City, an Omani businessman named Salim talks with a taxi driver, who is revealed to be an Ifrit. Arriving at his hotel, he and the Ifrit have sex. The next morning, the Ifrit leaves, leaving his taxi license to Salim. Meanwhile, Wednesday tells Shadow to think of snow. After doing it, he is shocked to find it's snowing outside. Shadow is then confronted by Mad Sweeney (who just survived a car accident while the driver was killed), who demands that he returns the coin he mistakenly gave him. Shadow tells him he threw it on Laura's grave. Mr. Wednesday, assisted by Shadow, steal money from bank customers using a closed ATM. Mad Sweeney exhumes Laura's coffin, finding her and the coin gone. Shadow arrives at his hotel room, finding Laura waiting for him.

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