UA-93359205-1 American Gods S01 E04 “Git Gone”

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American Gods S01 E04 “Git Gone”

May 25, 2017

Joine Tam, Andra and James for the latest recap.  

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In a flashback, we learn about Shadow's late wife Laura. Laura's empty existence drove her to attempt suicide by inhaling insecticide spray. Surviving the attempt, she meets Shadow when he tries to rob the Egyptian-themed casino where she works. Laura warns him to stop, and the two go home together instead. Shadow quickly falls in love with Laura and they marry, but Laura still finds her life meaningless. She convinces Shadow to rob the casino again, this time with a plan based on her knowledge of casino security, but Shadow is caught and sent to prison. Laura promises to wait for him, only to have an affair with Shadow's boss Robbie. On the eve of Shadow's release, Laura and Robbie are killed in a car accident. Laura finds herself in the desert with Anubis, but before he can send her to the afterlife, she is whisked back to her own body. Now possessed of superhuman strength and able to perceive Shadow as a brilliant light in the distance, she feels compelled to pursue him, even as her physical form begins to decay. She is discovered by two morticians, Mr. Ibis and Mr. Jacquel, who restore her damaged body. Laura recognizes Mr. Jacquel as Anubis, who says he will come to claim her when her quest is over. Laura continues toward Shadow, eventually meeting him in his hotel room.