UA-93359205-1 American Gods S01 E02 “The Secret of Spoons”

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American Gods S01 E02 “The Secret of Spoons”

May 10, 2017

Join James and Tam for an episode recap.

In 1697, on a slave ship, a slave begins to pray to Anansi. A modernly-dressed version of Anansi appears and begins a monologue relating all the horrible things that will happen to them once they arrive at America. At Anansi's urging, the slaves free themselves and burn the ship to kill the slavers. In the present, Shadow confronts Wednesday, but agrees to continue working for him for double salary. After storing Laura's possessions and his own, he leaves with Wednesday. While shopping in a store, Shadow meets Media in the form of Lucy Ricardo, one of the New Gods who wants him to align with her. After refusing, he and Wednesday travel to Chicago where they arrive at an apartment belonging to three sisters (Zorya) and a worker (Czernobog), who has a dark past with Wednesday. After dinner, Czernobog plays checkers with Shadow with a bet: if Shadow wins, Czernobog will go with them; but if Shadow loses, Czernobog will kill him with a hammer. Shadow loses and is told that he will die at sunrise.


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